Roles accountabilities

Shared accountabilites

We all share a set of accountabilities, regardless of our job position and role on any specific project:

Client satisfaction

Client is not always right, or they would not turn to us to solve their problems. Still we value technical quality and good human relations over aything else. Be kind and clear, explain your positions, always focus on customer needs, with open ears and a bright smile. Everybody is called to ultimately deliver a great customer experience.

Delivering projects

Simple as it sounds. On time, on budget, on specs.

Respecting you colleagues

Be friendly. Keep in mind that we share the same goal but everybody may have different way to achieve it. Always presume everybody il well-meaning and help her to improve. Don't waste others time: be timely at meetings, point out when other forget something and state your requirements or needs in a clear way so other should not try to figure out what you mean.

Supporting your colleagues

Work with others so that they can grow. Add to their knowledge. Help them if they are in the need but don't steal the spotlight: let them do the work so they can improve. Point out when other can meet a highest standard. Don't hold information that can help other succeed.

Following company processes

We prefer processes and evolutionary agreements over rules. Still we want everybody to follow those processes and respect evolutionary agreements. Everybody is involved in shaping them so everybody must respect them.

Per-role accountabilities

Operational roles are described in terms of impact assessment cards: documents that describe the expected positive impact a role has to the business.

As you take on new roles and possibly even move between specialities (we love multi-talented people), your specific accountabilities will be described by one (or more) assessment cards.

Printing ICSs directly from the browser will result in a version properly formatted to sit together and tick single scores. Try it out!

Last updated on 16 Sep 2021