Roles In Sparkfabrik

In SparkFabrik we make distinction between Company Roles and Team roles.

We don't have such a thing like Job roles since we are currently all developers, each one with its skill-level and focus, but pretty all devoted to create digital products. This basically means we won't hire for a Project manager. We probably will search for a more or less skilled technician and he will eventually end up doing what he does best.

The main difference between Company roles and Team roles is that the latter are generally interchangeable, while the formers tend to be fixed and company-wide. All Company roles are currently covered by company shareholders and founders.

Company roles

  • CEO Stefano Mainardi ( and Paolo Pustorino ( are currently CEOs of the company, with equal powers.
  • CTO Paolo Mainardi ( is the current CTO of the company
  • CFO Marco Giacomassi ( is the current CFO of the company
  • Software Architect Alessio Piazza ( is the current Software Architect of the company
  • Office Manager & Administrative Officer Ayse Meric ( is the current Office Manager & Administrative officer

Team roles

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