Impact Scoring Card - Professional


  • To make your unique skills available to the whole company.
  • To help lead and senior development achieving their mission.
  • To dominate complexity, chew difficulties and laugh in the face of pressure.
  • To promote our procedures and standards and to find new opportunities to improve them.
  • To teach by example and words, showing the value of excellence.
  • To value collaboration and critiques as the building blocks for trust with colleagues and customers.
  • To value continuous improvement, seek out opportunities to learn and live by the principles of the Agile manifesto.
  • To contribute to the company's technical culture, sharing your mastery with others.


  • Passion
  • Availability
  • Teamwork

Awesomeness horizon

You are already topping the awsomeness level. The higher your score, the higher the reward.



You are the professional model for your colleagues. You represent the company both inside and outside and are actively involved in the promotion of our culture. You are an antenna for the company, picking up information essential to validate and shape our overall strategy, of which you are an active and informed part.


You are an organizational model for you colleagues. You live by best practices and require and help others to meet your high standards. You do your best to lead by consensus, listening to your team, but you always remember they look at you as a guide. You protect your team and remove obstacles but keep them committed and fit to create value.


You take promptly decisions, even on partial data, perceiving the overall impacts on people, schedule and deliverables. You face challenges proactively, not waiting for others to solve problems for you. You handle difficult situations without losing your mind and help others enduring them.


You share your goals with your mates and work with them, never playing the hero or being a team of one. You speak your voice clearly, even when it's difficult, without holding relevant information for fear or stubbornness. When being frank makes you uncomfortable, you still strive to be polite and cheerful so you can make your point.


Your own schedule and workload balance is your responsibility. You have clear what's expected to you each iteration (week, sprint, milestone) and step up to discuss conflicting priorities and possible bottlenecks with the management.


You have clear what's expected from you and what you have to do to match the expectation. When you feel like you lost your goals, you speak up and do your best to have them clear.

Strong opinions, lightly held

You speak your mind and sustain your ideas with words and facts, but you are open to criticism and listen with open ears.

Business impacts

  • You clearly identify the value behind a requirement and orient your work towards the delivery of that value, in accordance with our technical and human standards.
  • You define the architecture of solutions that fulfill business goals, matching our high quality standards.
  • You define implementative details of solutions that fulfill business goals, matching our high quality standards.
  • You realize solutions that business goals, matching our high quality standards, as defined with your team.
  • You sustain the growth of your younger colleagues, promoting the values of delivery quality and human relations both inside and outside the company.
  • You own one or more internal projects making sure they are in good shape, documented and up to date.
  • You shape new technologies, practices, tools and knowledge, even when you work on customer projects, in accordance with the direction set by the CTO.
  • You participate with CTO, COO and other relevant company staff to cross-project strategy and tactics meetings.


  • You generate (or help to) content about technology, methodology or practices for Sparkfabrik's media.
  • You keep our Company Playbook up to date, extend and fix it every time you see the need.
  • You deliver substantial contributions (new features, bugfixes, documentation, translations) to community projects based on your skills, aspirations and training goals.
  • You own one or more community projects making sure they are in good shape, documented and up to date.
Last updated on 5 Aug 2019