Impact Scoring Card - Supporter


  • To help the management achieving company's mission.
  • To own support processes, improving them as necessary.
  • To promote our procedures and standards and to find new opportunities to improve them.
  • To value collaboration and critiques as the building blocks for trust with colleagues and customers.
  • To value continuous improvement, seek out opportunities to learn and live by the principles of Lean Thinking.
  • To contribute to the company's organizational culture, sharing your mastery with others.


  • Tidiness
  • Reliability
  • Teamwork

Awesomeness horizon

Your role has no ladder as it is vital to the correct working of the company. The higher your score, the higher the reward.



You are an organizational and procedural reference for both employees and management. You live by and shape clearly defined practices and help others creating new ones.


You do your best to facilitate administrative and organizational processes. You build bridges across the whole company and work hard to highlight and remove wastes and obstacles as you identify them. You listen what happens at all levels and help both management and workforce find a common ground when you feel they lack the proper alignment.


You know when to take promptly decisions, even on partial data, or require management validation. You perceive the impacts your choices will have on the company and make sure you always work to fulfill the current strategy. You face challenges proactively, not waiting for others to solve problems for you. You handle chaotic situations without losing your mind and help others making sense of them.


You share your goals with the management and work with them. You also explain your needs or decisions to the workforce so that they'll be on your same page and understand the real value you want delivered. You speak your voice clearly, even when it's difficult, without holding relevant information for fear or stubbornness. When being frank makes you uncomfortable, you still strive to be polite and cheerful so you can make your point.


Your own schedule and workload balance is your responsibility. You have clear what's expected from you and step up to discuss conflicting priorities and possible bottlenecks with the management.


You have clear what outcomes are expected from your work and what you have to do to match the expectation. When you feel like your goals or process outcomes are confused, you speak up and do your best to have them clear.

Strong opinions, lightly held

You speak your mind and sustain your ideas with words and facts, but you are open to criticism and listen with open ears.

Business impacts

  • You implement and improve administrative and support processes to bring a positive impact on the day-to-day work of the whole company.
  • You sustain the growth of your younger colleagues, promoting the values of delivery quality and human relations both inside and outside the company.
  • You own one or more internal processes, making sure they are in good shape, documented and up to date.
  • You shape new practices, tools and knowledge, while working on your daily duties, in accordance with the direction agreed with the management.
  • You participate with the company governance and other relevant company staff to cross-project/cross-process strategy and tactics meetings.


  • You generate (or help to) content about tools, methodology or practices for Sparkfabrik's media and playbook.
  • You help the workforce to organize, collect or shape information necessary for them to own public contributions that will bring benefit to the company.
Last updated on 5 Aug 2019