NOTE: What follows has to be considered in "alpha stage". Actual values and policies will be tested and adjusted during year 2019.
Moreover, a way to reward horizontal growth (learning diversified skills) still have to be introduced.

Despite that, this page is a sensible reference for our current salaries baselines and increases.

Salary calculator

Wages are calculated starting from baseline salary brackets, sized by role. On top of them we add:

  • Lenght of service increments: happens automatically as time passes by
  • Job interview scoring adjustments: determined only at hiring and affecting your starting wage
  • Impact scoring adjustments: a running process related to your professional growth

Baseline salary brackets

Here are the baseline brackets by role:

Role Baseline salary (€)
Junior developer 25K
Senior developer 30K
Lead developer 35K
Professional 40K
Executive 55K

Baseline brackets are tuned on an Impact Score of 2, which represent nothing more, nor less than a perfect match between employee performance and company expectations.

Length of service increments

When your length of service exceeds the following milestones your wage will automatically increase as listed:

Years of service Salary increase (€)
3 700
5 1.120
7 1.680
10 2.800

Job interview scoring adjustments

During your job interview we will assess your proficiency and skills level so we can place you on the ladder. Depending on your expectations, the interviewer perception and the overall job interview score you will be assigned an Impact-equivalent score.

A negative adjustment means we feel you can't match our expectations from the start, but we recognize key aspects of your personality that can fill the gap in the very first period of your career.
In this case we will take a chance on you, but also set clear goals for you so that:

  1. Your impact score meets the assessed level at the first check (1 to 3 months from hiring, depending on national contract employee level)
  2. Your impact score raise to the average level within the second check (6 months of employment)

If you score higher during your interview, or if you want to negotiate an initial wage higher than the baseline, you will need to match higher than average expectations:

  1. At the first check (1 to 3 months from hiring, depending on national contract employee level) your score will not be lower than one step below the level you negotiated for1
  2. We expect you to arrange a proper development plan to feel the possible gap with CTO and HR during your first 1-to-1
  3. Your impact score must to raise to the average level within the second check (8 months of employment)

Impact scoring adjustments

As long as you repeatedly score above a certain threshold (3 times), you become eligible for a salary increase. You may require a single score-supported salary increase during the same year that the company will honor without negotiation.

If you aim to a higher salary for a specific year, you are encouraged to work towards that goal, working to increase the rating for your role's accountabilities or applying for a higher role, with more accountabilities for example.

The following table represents the adjustements relative to impact scores, per role. To guarantee a fair and inclusive retribution to all company's workforce these values are not negotiable.

Impact Score 1 1.25 1.5 1.75 2 2.25 2.5 2.75 3
Junior Dev € 20.000 € 21.250 € 22.500 € 23.750 € 25.000 € 25.900 € 26.870 € 27.770 € 28.750
Senior Dev € 24.000 € 25.500 € 27.000 € 28.500 € 30.000 € 31.150 € 32.250 € 33.350 € 34.500
Lead Dev € 28.000 € 29.750 € 31.500 € 33.250 € 35.000 € 36.300 € 37.650 € 38.900 € 40.250
Professional € 32.000 € 34.000 € 36.000 € 38.000 € 40.000 € 41.500 € 43.000 € 44.500 € 46.000

_1: For example, if you negotiated a salary of € 26.875 for a Junior position (corresponding to a score of 2.5), you must take a scorecard with a final score of at least 2.25 at your first 1 to 1 meeting. _

Last updated on 15 Apr 2021