What you are reading is the manual of our company.

As every organization we have rules, policies, practices, processes and procedures and these pages are primarly meant as a clear reference for our workforce, so that nobody gets lost during everyday work.

But at the same time, this is our effort to be transparent, clear and fair to anyone so that the way we work may be followed, discussed and evolved even by people outside the organization.

Many useful information can be found here about how SparkFabrik works and we also value contributions and feedback, so don't be shy.


how we are structured, which functional roles are recognized in the company, their responsibilities and company's expectations.

Working At Sparkfabrik

how we hire, pay, evaluate, reward and listen to our workforce.


best practices for specific tasks; our procedures evolve and adapt over time but at any moment, you can find them here.


very helpful to newcomers, but also to veterans that want to refresh their minds.


This playbook and many company practices have been heavily inspired by Deeson, so many thanks go to that nice guy.

Our practices owe a great tribute to the guys at StackOverflow.

We learned to value transparency as a propeller to innovation dwelling in Agile and FOSS culture.

This Playbook is powered by a small and effective piece of free software called Raneto, one of the best choice for minimum effort knowledgebase keeping.

Feedback and contributions

You can find the source of these pages on GitHub.
You can file issues, fork the project and send PRs.


Creative Commons License

SparkFabrik Playbook by SparkFabrik Srl is distributed under Creative Commons Attribution - Sharealike 4.0 International license.