Drupal 8 Development Workflow


When you start working, commit your local changes and merge the integration branch git commit -m '..' . && git pull

In pills

  • Export your drupal configuration into the sync directory: drush config-export sync
  • Commit your drupal configuration
  • Pull or merge integration branch to get other devs' changes
  • Resolve merge conflicts
  • Import the resulting configuration into your drupal installation: drush config-import sync
  • Check that after the import everything is working as expected (better running tests)
  • Export again your configuration: drush config-export sync (credits to Nuvole for this suggestion)
  • OPTIONAL Squash if submitting a Merge Request
  • Push your changes
  • OPTIONAL create a Merge Request on GitLab
  • live happily forever after :)

Slides by Nuvole

Find a backup copy of Nuvole's slides on our Google Drive.

Excerpt from this presentation:

Slides by nuvole

Last updated on 5 Jun 2024