Ownership - Team Leader

Team Leaders excel at enabling teams, coordinating efforts, and ensuring project milestones are met. Focused on the outcomes, they drive, motivate, and keep the team committed to the project success. They ask hard questions, suggests alternative paths and apply a good deal of common sense to risk management.

They are responsible for the overall coordination of the teams, for directing the planning of single iterations so that they meet project milestones, for adhering to estimates, as well as for team motivation and morale, especially when they tend toward isolation.

They define the recurring events in the production flow (planning, review, retrospectives) in agreement with the Project Managers and the Clients, when relevant, and are accountable for implementing corrective actions identified during the retrospectives.

They ensure that the technical project documentation is kept complete and relevant, even taking direct action in its preparation when required.


  • Week/sprint planning
  • Coordination of team activities
  • Drafting technical documentation
  • Retrospectives and corrective actions
  • Iteration events (plan, review, etc)
  • Team motivation

Practical tasks

  • Makes themselves available to Solution Architects and the Team during estimation processes.
  • Collaborates with the Project Manager in drafting the project plan (epics and milestones).
  • Leads detailed planning during iterations.
  • Supports the Project Manager in meeting deadlines and delivering the content defined during the planning phase.
  • Supports presale estimates.
  • Collaborates with the Analysts in drafting functional requirements and refining the project backlog.
  • Oversees those customer communications that are necessary for operations.

Concrete outputs

  • Iteration planning
  • Technical documentation
  • Reporting of team and business events operational decisions, including calls with customers and minutes of agreed actions
  • Clear, updated and representative project board of the status of the activities


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Last updated on 5 Jun 2024