Referral Bounty

What's a Referral Bounty Program

Finding new professionals is a challenging task. Finding the right ones, those who are a good fit for the company is even more difficult.
Getting to know each other, building trust and deciding to take the chance is a process that requires effort and resources. But this is way simpler when you are introduced by someone you trust.

SparkFabrik's Referral Bounty Program is a way to incentivize word-of-mouth and shorten paths between possible future colleagues.

If you know anyone who you think is a good fit for a role we are searching for, step up! You'll be rewarded with a monetary bonus.

How This Works

  • Keep an eye on our open positions
  • If you know someone who's a good fit for one of the positions, talk to them and head them to the relevant application form (mind to ask them to specify your name as a referral in the presentation letter)
  • The candidate will undergo the normal selection process
  • If we actually hire the applicant and if they pass the probation period, you'll be rewarded a € 1K bonus


Participation in our Referral Bounty program happens under the following conditions:

  • You must be already working at SparkFabrik: if you are reading this page and you are not in SparkFabrik, please know you're not eligible for this program.
  • Ask the applicant to mention you as a referral: ideally the candidate has to name you in the presentation message or at least the first interview.
  • The applicant must be hired and pass the probation period: rewards are only for people that will stick to us.
  • The bonus is cumulative: it's € 1K for each person we'll hire following your referral.
  • Bonuses will be paid on a six-months schedule: hires closed in the first half of the year will be rewarded in December of the same year. Hires closed in the second half will be rewarded in June of the next year.

Why this?

Because we think it's a win/win.

Hiring the right people is a vital process for the growth of the company.
At SparkFabrik we think that good relations, respect and trust are the foundations of great teamwork, which itself is the foundation of our ability to deliver.

When you refer someone you know, we are leveraging your trust relationship and credibility. You act as a testimonial of how good working here actually is.
This will surely help make things happen, so that's what we reward.

Last updated on 2 May 2024