@todo create detailed chapters on what the tools are meant for and the policies to use them

Table of Content


@todo summarize what we use Redmine for and link specific articles and recipes to help people get the info they need


@todo same as for Redmine


- Describe how project channels are organized (and MUST BE organized - link to meaningful recipes)
- List general purpose channels, their topics, what can be discussed and what not
- Give information on how to set the online status to inform others of your availability


@todo nothing terrible to be said here, if not for subscription to G+ so that hangout is available and maybe the usage of company accounts for personal purposes (related to the migration of emails in case of resignation)


@todo general description

Google Drive

- describe folder structure and organization. Permissions are set by the app itself so it won't hurt to have a full description of all the main folders
- describe the document naming conventions (AAAAMMDDXX prefix and such), useful to make documents searchable with ease
- point out the "add to my drive" feature, to make users able to search for documents shared by others (or better yet, have a policy to NOT create docs outside of shared folders!)


@todo give a list of boards useful to the team for non-productive task tracking:
- Blog ideas
- Parking lot for remote users?

Other communication channels

@todo describe how to use:
- Telegram chat channel
- Skype
- Others?
Last updated on 5 Jun 2024