Career Advancement

People in Sparkfabrik should expect to advance on their career path, depending on their inclinations and will.
The company will work to give equal oportunities for growth to everyone, rewarding results and commitment.


Each developer can assess her overall level of proficiency by Impact assessment, a qualitative measure of the expected positive outcome of our work1.

Stepping up on your career path will then be based on adherence to values and the actual impact you make, not on personal perception of your merit.
Each developer role model has its impact assessment card.

To understand if you can cover a specific role, you can take the role's IAC and self-assess how well you are fulfilling the expectations.
Or you can reach out for your responsible (your team leader or direct report), asking for her feedback.

The IAC result is pretty self-explanatory. Either you match or exceed the role's expectations, or you get an idea about where to invest to grow your skills.
Ask for a meeting with your manager or an HR representative to set your goals and make sure the company will do its best helping your being successful.

Stepping up

Taking a new role will impact:

  • your salary according to the baselines for that role (may change over time);
  • your duties in accordance to your new impact assessment card.

Taking the challenge

To fullfill its vision, Sparkfabrik sells and cultivates high seniorities. We generally expect junior developers to eventually become senior developers.

Still, despite nobody can consciously avoid learning from experience, not all juniors want to take over the responsibilities of a senior. And not all seniors crave to become team leaders or software architects. This is understandable and we respect the choice.

Every time you will match the requirements for a career advancement and if the company recognizes in you the qualities to cover a new role, you'll be granted the opportunity to take it over.
We will help you understand the new role's benefits, expectations and duties. It is to you to take or leave.

We encourage everybody to take the challenge and we may even probe people who already refused if we see a new opportunity for them to shine, but we can't push or force any advancement.

Still we expect every developer to constantly increase her assessment and set new professional goals, maybe tackling new Specialities in their career, making side steps instead of climbing a ladder.

1: Our model is inspired by Deeson and Stack Overflow performance review practices.

Last updated on 16 Sep 2021