Career Advancement

People in Sparkfabrik should expect to advance on their career path almost constantly.
Growth is awarded by the combination of two mechanisms.

Length of service

We value people to stick with us.
Turnover is costly and investement on team building pays more in the long term. That's why we want people to stay around. We reward anyone with a salary increase after 3, 5, 7 and 10 years of work. This happens automatically, regardless of performance and will go beyond the tenth year.

Impact scoring

This practice is heavily inspired by how Deeson and Stack Overflow help their employees achieve their goals and commit to their duties.

Once every three months, as a developer, you attend an 1:1 meeting. Among other things, Impact scoring will be evaluated and discussed in that occasion, to measure your growth on the various business-impacting aspects.

Matching (or exceeding) a score of 2.5 for three times in a row will allow you to be assigned a higher role. Stepping up on your career path will then be based on adherence to values and the actual impact you make, not on personal perception of your merit.

Stepping up will impact:

NOTE: Salary brackets values and direct bonds between performance and salary step-ups are still in "alpha" stage.

Taking the challenge

To fullfill its vision, Sparkfabrik sells and cultivates high seniorities. Thus we expect junior developers to work hard to step up and we require that, once the proper goals are completed they will be ready to take the responsibilities of a senior developer.

Not all senior developers crave to become leaders or top professionals, instead. This is understandable and we respect the choice.
When you as a senior developer meet the requirements for a career advancement, we will present you the opportunity, explain new role's benefits, expectations and duties. It is to you to take or leave.

We encourage everybody to accept the challenge and may, in many cases, probe people that already refused if we see a new occasion for them to shine, but won't push or force any advancement.

Still we expect every senior developer to constantly increase her scoring and set new professional goals, maybe tackling new Specialities in their career, making side steps instead of climbing the ledder.

Last updated on 15 Apr 2021