Can I

Get late?

We usually work between 9:30 to 18:30 at our offices as well as remotely.

We are not militarized with enter and leave time, as long as you are on time for your standup/daily scrum, and you keep your schedule.
Oh, and we love to work in a team so please, ensure at least 6/7 hours of team presence.

If you need to get really late (i.e. if this has an impact on your scheduled duties or the agenda of your colleagues), please inform us by writing at
You can surely use other channels as long as you don't miss writing to that address!

Leave early?

The same rules above apply to leaving early.
Please, be assured with your mates and team leaders that your absence won't impact the team (it usually doesn't if you can arrange things in anticipation).

Again: even if everybody knows about your early leaving, please write to so we have a clear track available for everybody's leaves. This will help our administration with monthly reports, among other things.

Eat lunch at my desk or in the meeting room?

Usually, the preferred choice is to use the appropriate spaces in the break area or the kitchen, but usually yes, you can, as long as you leave the space clean and tidy after lunch.
Useless to say that you can't do this if the meeting room is occupied. If customers or guests are in the office, please ask for permission from a management representative.

Bring my bicycle into office rooms?

Only in special cases and when authorized by the management.

Bring my pet to the office?

Nope. We all love animals (really, we do!) but animals have necessities that go beyond what our office can (and want to) provide. Of course, you can make your pet visit the offices occasionally, as you do with any of your friends, but you can't bring your pet with you during normal working time.

If you plan to bring your pet for a visit, please ask the management for permission and be sure everybody is cool with it!

Have friends visit during office hours or for lunch?

We always welcome everybody, so yes you can!
It would be great to inform the management of the event, just to be sure the time is appropriate. If your friend comes during working hours, please avoid the early morning when standups take place and make sure the visit is quiet and won't impact your schedule. If you want to chat a bit, use the break area or meeting room so people in the operative room can stay in the zone.

Have personal packages shipped to/from the office?

Yes, no problem! As long as it is legal (LOL), we'll take them for you if you are not at your desk. Yet, as we don't provide shipment pick-up as a service, we can't guarantee somebody will be there to take your stuff over.

Please remember to include your name in the recipient address, eg:

John Doe c/o SparkFabrik srl
Via Gustavo Fara 9
Milano (MI) 20124

Last updated on 5 Jun 2024