Executive Board

The executive board is in charge of the strategy and business planning of the company.
The current board is composed of company founders, with the following duties.

  • Stefano Mainardi: CEO - Responsible for the overall progress of the company. Praised for success, and held responsible for setbacks.
  • Marco Giacomassi: CFO - Oversees the company's financials. Responsible for budgeting, accounting, reporting, forecasting and investing.
  • Paolo Mainardi: CTO - Oversees the company's technology. Works to ensure that technology-related decisions align with business goals.
  • Alessio Piazza: COO - Oversees the company's day-to-day operations, sourcing, process control, resource allocation and activity planning.
  • Paolo Pustorino: Head of HR - Responsible for workforce training, development, management, recruitment, rewarding, compliance and ethos.
Last updated on 5 Jun 2024