Ownership - Project Manager

Managers make things work. They coach, measure, plan ahead, warn and ultimately support people to give their best, removing obstacles, and improving their processes and procedures. In SparkFabrik people are never managed -- work is. So managers govern but never rule.

The Project Manager maintains an overview of the project's progress, ensuring that the roadmap is understood, followed, and evolved in collaboration with the Client - when new information arises during the project's execution.

They interact with the team as coaches and facilitators, by feat of their high-level perspective, working to eliminate impediments that could slow down productive processes or grind them to a halt. During crises, if required by the board or the team, they may need to enforce corrective actions, assuming control of the project and adopting an assertive stance until ideal working conditions are restored.

Project Managers are responsible for progress, budgets, and other key indicators, report any program deviations to the board and the client, and maintain an analytical eye on processes to suggest corrective actions and improvements. In particular, they monitor the team to address any discrepancies from contractual obligations, whether they are shortfalls or overages, and bring this to their attention, so the team can reorganize around this information.


  • Budget
  • Timeline and deadlines
  • Processes
  • Contracts
  • Roadmap / Milestones definition and maintenance

Practical tasks

  • Collaborates in the team's weekly planning (with Analysts and Solution Architects)
  • Meetings agendas
  • Project priorities negotiation
  • Activity reporting (during retrospectives with Analysts and Solution Architects)
  • Contractual project overseeing
  • Facilitation of dialogue with Management and Client
  • Keeping project documentation
  • Billing management in coordination with the administration

Concrete outputs

  • Monthly reporting (internally and externally)
  • Service Level Agreement (SLA) documentation
  • Formalization of substantial deliveries


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Last updated on 2 May 2024